Dr. Paul Bearer

Dr. Paul Bearer

I’ll be lurking for you!

Dr. Paul Bearer’s Official Web Site

Dr. Paul Bearer is Central Florida’s favorite offbeat television horror host as seen hosting Tombstone Tales on WTOG CW44 in Tampa Bay Florida.

“Welcome, whatever you are! Come in, come in, and welcome to the Unliving Room of the Tenement Castle. I do hope your stay here is a Horrible one. Heh heh heeeeeeeh.”

Check your local listings for Dr. Paul’s Tombstone Tales on WTOG CW44 in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Would you like to see more of Dr. Paul’s antics? Make sure to like Dr. Paul’s Facebook page which is loaded with tons of fun skits, contests and giveaways. Like Dr. Paul Bearer on Facebook.  Dr. Paul’s social links are also listed on the bottom of the page. See you there!

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Tell me why you are stalking me... again!

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Dr. Paul Bearer and Ivonna Cadaver
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Dr. Paul Bearer on CW44