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Dr. Paul Bearer Christmas Special

Dr. Paul Bearer’s Christmas Special featuring Bad Santa

Dr. Paul Bearer’s Christmas Special featuring Bad Santa: Santa drops in… on the floor of the Tenement Castle for Christmas. Little Evelyn and Maddox are happy to see Santa but the feeling is not mutual. Santa has a little too much holiday cheer to be very cheery It’s ok though because I saved the day! Well, I thought I did.


Hear me and the kids sing Christmas Scare-ols which are our take on the old classics, more or less. I give the kids really awesome presents and I’m surprised at their reactions, what do you think of the presents I gave them? I thought I did  good because I’m in tomb with what the kids really want for Christmas.


Please remind me to keep all the doors locked next year so I don’t have to have Santa extracted from the castle again! The children just may be scarred for life, or is that scared for life?  Christmas will never be the same again! Misery loves company so come join Santa and I for the worst Christmas Special you have ever seen!


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