Dr. Paul Bearer

I’ll be lurking for you!

Dr. Paul Bearer For Hire


Dr. Paul Bearer For Hire. Well, it’s that time of year again, Dr. Paul Bearer is available for your Halloween Event or Party.


Dr. Paul Bearer will load the coffin into the hearse and come to your event for a horrible old time! What do you get when you hire Dr. Paul Bearer for your event?

  • Paul, the hearse, the coffin
  • Paul will park the hearse out front and greet guests as they enter
  • Paul is available for free photo opps
  • Paul will judge your costume contest
  • He will MC any other activities you may have
  • Once all guests have arrived, Dr. Paul mingles with them launching bad puns left and right.
  • He will also make two videos to promote your event that you can put online and he will put on DrPaulBearer.net, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube to promote your event.

Even though it is only August 2nd, Dr. Paul has four events on the books now so don’t delay in contacting us for booking before it’s too late!

How much does it cost to hire Dr. Paul Bearer for your event? The price will vary. The farther away from the Lakeland area he has to travel, the more it will cost. The closer it gets to Halloween will also add to the cost since that is those are the dates that are in high demand. Prices start at $300.00.


Will Dr. Paul travel out of state?

Yes, but that will be an expensive appearance.

How long will he stay at my event?

For the duration of the event unless otherwise noted on your contract.


Dr. Paul Bearer at Mad Hatter Horror Fest 2017

Dr. Paul Bearer at Mad Hatter Horror Fest 2017

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