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Dr. Paul Bearer Interviews Harry Potter’s Professor Snape

Dr. Paul Bearer interviews Harry Potter’s Professor Snape. I caught Professor Snape Slytherin around MegaCon in Tampa Florida.

Severus Snape of Harry Potter fame is interviewed by the legendary Dr. Paul Bearer.


One of my favorite Cosplayers is Eric Rhodes of Tampa who makes a phenomenal Severus Snape, of Harry Potter Fame. The next time you are at one of the large conventions such as MegaCon in Tampa be on the lookout for Eric. He’s easy to spot because he is the one walking around with a magic wand and a long black flowing cape. He also cosplays as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. Gee, do you think Eric likes Harry Potter a little bit?


I was able to sit meet Eric for the very first time after seeing him as Professor Snape at a few conventions. We sat down together to have a little fun in a quick interview. We discuss MegaCon and magic potions.


Dr. Paul Bearer

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