Dr. Paul Bearer

I’ll be lurking for you!

Dr. Paul Bearer Tenement Castle

Since you’re so nosy, come on over… but first you’ll have to find the raven black hollow with an eternal storm looming overhead. There you will find eerie roads leading to nowhere and everywhere.  When you find the cemetery sign at the end of the DEAD END street you’ll see my castle looming high above the serene beauty of the cemetery.  This is The Tenement Castle, this is my tomb-sweet-tomb.  It has many rooms, some of which I’ve never seen. I rent rooms to warm bodies so come and visit me! You will never be ‘board-stiff’ here!  Space is available!

I work at an undertaking parlor and I don’t make a lot of money, but I do get to drive a big fancy car. I’m just a working stiff, but no-BODY complains and besides where else could I go to work and find my job all laid out for me?

In my freak time, I like to watch movies and host them for whatever wants to watch them.

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