Dr. Paul Bearer

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Dr. Paul Bearer’s Sponsors

Dr. Paul Bearer’s Sponsors have partnered with him in an effort to keep the beloved genre of Horror Hosting alive in the Central Florida area. Sponsors donate money, time, services, product or all of the above in order to continue the time honored legacy of Dr. Paul Bearer. Dr. Paul takes sponsorship very seriously, he will cross-promote a sponsors business across his social media platforms, display their logo and link here on his website and run videos on his popular Facebook page featuring his sponsors. Contact Dr. Paul today for your chance to be a part of a FUN sponsorship!

Dr. Paul Bearer's Sponsors Richline Appliance Parts Dr. Paul Bearer's Sponsors Designer Web Studio Dr. Paul Bearer's Sponsors Phantom Photography
Richline Appliance parts in Eagle Lake Florida is Dr. Paul Bearer’s biggest financial backer. Make sure to contact them for all your appliance part needs!


Designer Web Studio created Dr. Paul Bearer’s web site, web store and manages Dr. Paul’s social media presence.


Phantom Photography is responsible for all of Dr. Paul’s photography and online videos.


Dr. Paul Bearer's Sponsors The Vivisectors  
Check out Dr. Paul’s Tenement Castle House Band! The Vivisectors are the biggest name in surf-horror-rock! Their website has all of their greatest hits.


R & R Heating and Cooling has been instrumental in helping keep Dr. Paul cold, just the way he likes it!